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Enterprise for Young Entreprenuers

Enterprise for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) is an NGO that seeks to empower the Youth and Women groups in economic empowerment.   We seek to achieve this by providing affordable and sustainable financial support through loans, grants and management training to organizations run by women and young people.

The program evaluates and examines proposals submitted by groups of youths and women who want to begin and run their business outfits. Potential proposals will get funded through a guarantor.
It also aids those groups that have a running idea but lack the organization to explicate their ideas. This is common among illiterate or semi-illiterate persons who wish to make a living and have no idea how to organize their thoughts and therefore EYE will go an extra mile to help such groups organize their ideas with a main focus in the rural areas across the country.
EYE range of loans commitment to the individual groups applying will be determined by the needs and the availability of resources against the cost and the mode of repayment.
It promotes initiatives that generate income and create job opportunities for Women and the Youth. The program will enhance the financial capacity of the youth and the women allowing the larger Kenyan populace to have a purchasing power to better their living standards.